Chiefs Seal It With a Palmetto Pick

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 2, 2021

The state of South Carolina had to be beaming on this one (unless you were a Bills fan). Bracket coverage is a very common thing in the NFL as you get closer to the end zone.

Defenses will do everything in their power to hide it and disguise who is bracketing who. However, at the end of the day the bracket ends up on the best receiver or the most likely target identified by analytics .

Today’s All 22 Tuesday play is the Buffalo Bills are driving in last week’s playoff game vs the Chiefs. It’s in the fourth quarter and time is running out on the Bills because they are down two scores to the reigning champs.

You will see in this video that the Chiefs have made the obvious decision to bracket the Bills Cole Beasley in the slot. Josh Allen recognizes this and works his progression inside out to Josh Brown on a slant/dart.

At this point it is now a one on one matchup. It’s Brown vs Bashaud Breeland one on one. As you will see and hear The Scouting Academy’s Dan Hatman describe, Breeland absolutely dominates the line of scrimmage here.

The Clemson alum pops the ball up in the air and his teammate from the University of South Carolina, Rashad Fenton comes off the bracket on Beasley and does the rest!

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