Chiefs’ Special Teams Coach Dave Toub Back On The Big Stage

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 17, 2021

This past summer we featured Dave Toub, who is one of the, if not the premier special teams coaches in the NFL. Of course, later today Toub and the Kansas City Chiefs will begin defending their Super Bowl title when they play the Cleveland Browns.

Toub and Andy Reid go back to their days at Texas El Paso so they know each other well. Reid has often said that he thinks Toub is the best in the business. We would agree.

Having had the opportunity to work with Dave as his assistant when he came to the Chicago Bears in 2004, I learned a lot from him. He is a meticulous teacher and has a great eye for talent. (See Devon Hester, Robbie Gould and many others).

Today we just want to share these videos again and we will also provide links to the earlier blogs below. Keep in mind that Dave Toub’s point system lives on FirstDown PlayBook as well.

This, along with six individual special teams clinics we provide on the website are no brainers for any young special teams coach out there who wants to get better this winter.


  1. Dave Toub’s Special Teams Grading Chart
  2. Super Bowl Champ Dave Toub’s Grading Chart
  3. Super Bowl Champ’s Special Teams Grading Chart

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