Clemson Runs Text Book Slow Screen For 6!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 30, 2019
There Are Tons Of Screen Drawings In FirstDown PlayBook

Screens are hard to run. Especially a good slow screen. You have certainly heard or read us talking about this before. There are so many moving parts that it takes on many of the characteristics of a kickoff return.

You have the obvious timing that must be coordinated by the quarterback and the ultimate receiver of the screen pass. You also normally have big men in space.

Big offensive linemen out in space hoping that the screen receiver or the scheme is going to make them right against that better athlete we are asking them to block.

Screens Are All About Your Offensive Line

Also keep in mind that we are often asking them to give the quarterback just the right amount of protection before they get out in the slow screen. Too much protection and the screen doesn’t get sold. Not enough and and the quarterback throws the ball too soon.

Clemson Put On a Clinic With This Slow Screen

For all of the reasons that we mention above and then some, we always like to point out a well executed screen when we see one. Clemson certainly provide us with the proper fodder in the BCS playoff game vs Ohio State with this one below.

We will get together with USA Football’s Keith Grabowski tomorrow and detail this play as well as three others for this week’s All 22 Tuesday!


There Are Tons Of Screen Drawings In FirstDown PlayBook
There Are Tons Of Screen Drawings In FirstDown PlayBook