Coach & Coordinator Talks Offensive Creativity

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 16, 2020

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Let’s face it, there are not that many new concepts out there in football. However, that’s if you look at it on an individual concept basis. The best coordinators out there seem to be able to always find a way to put creative wrinkles in the mix.

Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman is near or at the top of that list if you ask us here at FirstDown PlayBook. When you study his game plans you will consistently see creative ways to incorporate very common football concepts.

Take this play from last Sunday against the Bengals. Roman has combined a bootleg, a jet sweep fake, and a snag concept all in one play. Oh yeah, did we mention that the guy taking the snap is the most dangerous quarterback with his legs in the NFL?

Here’s the football play diagram. Check it out and then scroll down to watch the actual play as Coach & Coordinator’s Keith Grabowski takes us through this creative play that you could run at many levels of football.

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