Colts Return Kickoff For 6. Here’s How.

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 14, 2020

We have noticed a trend with the kickoff return units in the NFL this year. A lot of teams are finding ways to get an extra lead blocker to the return side.

The return below is from this past weekend’s All 22 Tuesday. The Colts found a way to get #20 over in front of the returner. Combine this with two very well executed double team blocks and it was a house call.

There is a lot that goes into this but the coverage teams are having trouble getting their 1 and 2 involved on the backside of these returns. This is what is allowing the return teams to gain the extra blocker.

You can bet that there will be an adjustment made. That adjustment will likely be looping an extra coverage player to the kick side. This is player is sometimes called a “rover”.

We will dive into that at a later date but for now take a look at this video from Sunday. You are going to see a well execute return that put the Colts right back in the football game. You are also going to see that #36 and #29 for the Browns were unblocked.

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