Coming Soon: Find YOUR Plays With Search & Tag Functions

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 22, 2021

Some days we can keep it very short here on the Coaches Community website because the news we have for you is just that powerful. Today is one of those days.

With over 35,000 football plays to choose from in FirstDown PlayBook, one of the major challenges has been how to allow you too easily get to them. Giving you the ability to find them with our Search and/or Tags function has been a big part of this.

What many of you have asked for is the ability to do the same things with YOUR plays, defenses and schemes. We take a lot of pride in how we listen to you. This time will be no different.

Watch this short video to see how the FirstDown PlayBook Search and Tags are about to get even better. Better because they are YOUR play names and tags!

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