Communicate To Your Counter Pullers

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 15, 2022

There is no position group on the football field that has to be more cohesive than the offensive line. There is so much that goes on with any given play where these five have to communicate and execute as a unit. Today we want to look at how important it is for your frontside linemen to communicate with your counter pullers.

Almost every detailed blocking scheme requires different assignments based on the defensive front. If you are blocking a 40 and a 30 front the same, it is likely that you are blocking at least one of them incorrectly. This is not news to any offensive line coach.

Want Your PlayBooks To Look Like This One?

Once you start drawing up your blocking schemes vs different fronts you begin to realize what makes coaching the offensive line so special. You see the importance of presenting a clean clear drawing with the assignments. When the ball is snapped there is a lot of violent things going on. There is no time for guess work.

The next thing that has to be mastered are clear succinct rules. Good coaches are always looking for the chance to use the words “always” and “never” when they create blocking assignments. The play drawings are essential in teaching a football run game, but the drawings must be accompanied with rules.

Counter Pullers Need To Know Who To Block Before They Pull

As part of these rules, there should be calls that communicate the blocking scheme. These one word calls need to be communicated loud and clear so all five players are on the same page. Todays short video focuses on how all of this comes into play when you call a counter run play. It is important for offensive linemen to communicate across the center too if you are to have them play full speed. Your counter pullers will thank you for this.