Congrats You’re The All Star Coach! You’re On The Clock.

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 7, 2019


It seems like a big honor and it is, but there is some pressure involved. Plus you are up against the clock from the moment you hear the news.  Your youth football team won your league and four of your players made the all star team.

Great news right? To top it off, they understand that your coaching had a lot to do with the success so they have elected you to be the all star coach. Once again, it’s an honor that most every coach would appreciate.

Now the hard part. You hear about this on November 5 and the all star game is going to be played on Thanksgiving week. You have around three weeks to get young players from five or six different regular season teams all on the same page for the all star game.

Remember that these players and assistant coaches are coming into this with totally different backgrounds from the regular season. Now it’s your job to get them on the same page offensively and defensively in a very short time. FirstDown PlayBook can help.

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