Congratulations Lindsey Wilson 2020 NAIA Football Champs!

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 11, 2021

Often times in a football game, there is one play that you can point to that represents when one team began to take control. It is normally a play that puts one team up two or three scores and you can just feel the momentum begin to take over.

Now what makes our game, and sports in general, so great is that in championship games the other team fights back. As we watched the NAIA 2020 championship game last night, our All 22 Tuesday play for today stood out. Northwestern fought back but this play changed the game.

Lindsey Wilson had Northwestern down 10-0 midway in the second quarter and everyone knew the Red Raiders were playing with their second quarterback. Good coaches smell blood when it’s in the water. The LWC staff was ready to bathe in it when they dialed up this beautiful end around.

They motion the running back to a 4×1 set and show a speed option look to the field. Cameron Dukes opens up to the strong side but flips the ball to #83 Noel Patterson on the underneath end around.

Northwestern looks like they had a five man cross dog on with man coverage behind it. The linebackers read their way out of the cross dog but as you would expect almost everyone was favoring the field.

The only player that had a chance to stop this play was the defensive end but that is tough duty. The beauty of an around that comes off of a jet sweep look like this is that it is often around the end before he can react.

41 yards later the score was 17-0 and you just had a feeling this game was going to go the way it did. Hats off to Northwestern as they fought back to keep the game in reach until late.

In the end though, NAIA coach of the year Chris Oliver, his Lindsey Wilson team and staff were hoisting the 2020 NAIA national championship trophy. Congratulations on a truly unique and special season! Here’s to taking a little rest before we are all back at it again in August!

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