Congratulations Youth Football Champs & All Stars!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 19, 2021

FirstDown PlayBook has spent some time this month encouraging football coaches at all levels to get a head start on next year’s football season. We want to slow down today and congratulate this season’s youth football champs and all stars.

First, congratulations to all of you youth football coaches who have pulled together a group of young players and made a team out of them. We have referenced this here before. In some ways your job is harder than Nick Saban’s. He gets to choose his talent. You do not.

So regardless of if you are a USA Football, Pop Warner, AYF, PAL or unaffiliated program, congratulations on a job well done. Your players and parents are fortunate to have you in their neighborhood. We wish you the best as you begin your football playoffs or championships.

Another group we want to recognize are the coaches who have been chosen to coach a youth football all star team. Your youth football team won your league and four of your players made the all star team. Great news right?

To top it off, they understand that your coaching had a lot to do with the success so they have elected you to be the all star coach. Once again, it’s an honor that most every coach would appreciate. This is a big honor, but there is some pressure involved to do well. Plus, you are up against the clock from the moment you hear the news.

Youth FootBall All Star Coaches Have To Pull Together Players From Multiple Teams In a Short Time Period.

You hear about this on November 15 and the all star game is going to be played in three weeks. You now have 21 days to get young players from five or six different regular season teams all on the same page for the all star game.

Remember that these players and assistant coaches are coming into this with totally different backgrounds from the regular season. Now it’s your job to get them all on the same page offensively and defensively in a very short time. FirstDown PlayBook can help you out with this.

With FirstDown PlayBook you can quickly and easily get all star players and coaches on the same page. One last note on our way out. Please remember that FirstDown PlayBook never erases anyones plays or playbooks. They will be waiting right there for you when you come back next season.

So congratulations youth football champs and good luck with the playoffs. You too, youth football all star teams. We look forward to hearing about the results!

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