Create For Your Flag Football Quarterback

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 28, 2021

All good football coaches want to put their best players a position to make plays. Sometimes this is so obvious that there are rules designed to prevent coaches from going overboard with it.

A good example is the rule in NFL Flag that doesn’t allow the quarterback to advance the football. It’s a good rule because…yes, you guessed it. If the best player on the field could just take the snap every time and run it would ruin the game.

It’s a mistake though, for a flag football coach to just throw all of their creativity out the window because of this. There are still ways to help your quarterback out with a little deception.

In fact, we think some of the things you can do with your quarterback are relevant in leagues where your quarterback can advance the ball. This video below shows you how to keep a 6v6 defense guessing. It can be used for any flag football offense, including yours!

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