Damien Lewis Shows Us Why It’s Called A Pocket

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 22, 2021

Most quarterbacks will tell you that the thing that bothers them the most is an interior pass rush. If rushers can collapse the pocket, the QB loses the ability to step into his throws. This hurts both timing and accuracy.

That means that a QB’s best friends are the interior OL who can stop the rush at the line of scrimmage. Here, we’ll take a look at how Damien Lewis of the Seahawks is able to do just that.

First, let’s look at Lewis’s hand placement. He quickly gets his mitts inside the framework of the DL and latches on. Lewis also does a nice job of maintaining good pad level. This helps Lewis as his opponent starts to work into his body and tries to win with power.

Lewis is able to counter because he is lower and can drop his anchor to completely stymie the rush. Look at how much space there is for Wilson to step in and confidently deliver the throw. He might have some concerns about his OL, but the Seahawks’ signal caller can’t have anything bad to say about the job done by Lewis and company on this particular snap. 

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