Defend The Formation, Not The Field

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 4, 2020

Short and sweet here today because the video is a little longer than usual. (6 minutes). It’s worth it. Especially if you are a youth football coach who is determined to defend the entire football field regardless of the offensive formation.

Stop! Do not do this! It’s bad. Make youth football offenses go sideline to sideline. Do not let them run the ball downhill on you. Make youth offenses throw the football to beat you. Do not let them run the football.

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Finally, defend the formation and all of the eligibles. There are only five on any play. Do not defend the field. The field does not score on you. Players do. Defend the players you are lining up against.

This video will give you one example of how you should defend oddball formations, particularly if they are all lined up in a box like this one is. If you have questions about this blog you can email us at

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