Defend This One If You Can

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 13, 2021

As the Buffalo Bills coaches watch the video from this past weekend’s game between Baltimore and Tennessee their stomachs might get a little queasy. They are going to not only see a Ravens defense that essentially took Derek Henry out of the football game.

They are also going to see Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman back to his old tricks with the Ravens offense. When you look at what John Harbaugh and Roman do with the personnel they have it is unparalleled.

There were so many plays last weekend that had the Titans defense scrambling to play responsibility football unsuccessfully. We pulled this one out as just one example. Heck, we could have pulled out ten.

This play gives us an example of a play that has principles of the following concepts:

  1. Power
  2. Duo
  3. Zone/Power Read

Oh yeah, and they also have a 310 plus pound tight end in the game who essentially became an extra pulling guard at the snap. He can catch the football too! Yes, we are sure some of you defensive gurus will have this stopped in your mind.

We just hope your plan doesn’t have any of your defenders one on one with number 8 because if you do… that is a bad plan.