Defending Two QB’s In One Flag Football Formation

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 3, 2021

Today’s Flag Football Plays Chalk Talk is a challenging one. We have seen this offense before as we spent the last two years studying 6 man football. We are referring to a two quarterback system and we don’t mean on different plays.

The formation we are going to look at today has two quarterbacks behind the line of scrimmage on the same play. One of the quarterbacks takes the shotgun snap and then throws it backwards to the other quarterback…or not.

This can be very tough to defend, especially when the two quarterbacks are talented like the ones we are going to look at today. We studied some of the Keiser vs Webber International women’s flag football game from this past weekend.

Keiser was using this formation and it got us to thinking about how to best defend it. We dive into that in this week’s Flag Football Plays Chalk Talk.

See How We Would Defend It:

SeeThe Full Video Here:

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