Defending Warp Speed No Huddle Offense – Part 3

By Gino Arcaro on May 21, 2018

By Guest Coach Gino Arcaro

If you can’t shut down a warp-speed no-huddle offense, you risk falling behind early in a game, playing from behind, and being left behind. Warp-speed no-huddle offenses have changed the entire fabric of football. Slowing them down isn’t enough.

Unless your defense stops them completely, you always risk getting blown-out. Part 1 of this series explained our Physical Fitness priority of defending a warp-speed no-huddle. Part 2 explained our Academic Fitness priority. Part 3 explains the evolution of our Strategic Fitness priority that led to our no-huddle defense.

During 1994-1995, I took a proactive approach to prepare our warp-speed no-huddle offense against every conceivable defense I could think of. I applied the 1st Rule of Survival that I learned during my 15-year police career between 1975-1990 – predict the worst and prevent it. Forecast the worst case-scenario and stop it from happening.

I experimented with our own defense during practice, making daily changes to our defensive playbook and designing new unconventional defensive strategies all in an attempt to stop our explosive record-breaking warp-speed no-huddle offense. The two objectives were:

(i)            Anticipate and predict what our opponents should and would do to stop our offense, and

(ii)          Prepare our defense in case we ever faced a no-huddle offense as fast as ours.

Experimentation included 5 basic changes to our defense during practice:

  1. Replacing conventional defensive position names to ‘code-names.’
  2. Replacing zones with ‘districts.’
  3. Eliminating the concept of traditional defensive formations.
  4. Designing a Rapid-Decision-Making Model.
  5. Designing a unique corresponding language to communicate the decisions without a huddle.

This started our ‘Evolution and Solution’ Process, a process that forced us to re-think our entire defensive philosophy. Even though we had not faced a high-speed no-huddle like ours in 1994, we believed the no-huddle concept would spread – dual meaning.

We believed that some of our opponents would eventually speed up their offence and spread out their offense. We needed to be prepared. Consequently, we needed to forecast defensive changes in anticipation of what our own warp-speed no huddle might face.

Evolution was needed as a solution to another problem – our Football Poverty problem. In our Football Poverty situation, everything is limited – especially time. In our Football Poverty, football is not a full-time job. We have limited hours to plan, prepare, and practice.

The solution to our limited time was to design one defensive system that could ‘change without change.’ We wanted the defensive capacity to convert from defending against spread pass-oriented no-huddle offense to traditional ground-oriented huddle offense, without changing the system.

Shortly after the 1995 season, some of our opponents gradually started to speed up and spread out their offense. The Post-Modern Era of football dramatically increased the type of opposing offense one had to defend. We had to face offenses with advanced multiple-threat capacity. In response, we adapted by radically changing the way we perceived defense, the way we played defense, and the way we taught defense.

The next article, Part 4, explains the 5 basic changes to our defense that we made during practice which became the heart and soul of our no-huddle defense.

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