Defensive Football Help That Actually Helps

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 13, 2021

Finding defensive football help on the web that can actually help you is a rare feat. At first glance it looks like there is an abundance of resources. Scratch beneath the surface and you find that there is nothing but the surface.

The internet is a pretty easy place to coach football. There is no pressure to get your call in on time. You normally draw one play, defense or special teams scheme up and you do it vs a good look.

Coaching on Friday nights and even at practice is not quite like that. Ask any experienced defensive coach and they will tell you getting lined up in a sound defense to all of the different formations is the biggest challenge.

This is not to mention all of the trades, shifts and motions that offensive coordinators like to throw at you. When we draw up your FirstDown PlayBook defensive football help we try to keep all of this in mind.

It’s one thing to draw up a defense to get more likes, clicks and smiley faces. It’s another to draw it up against multiple (27) formations. When you coach defensive football you have to get lined up to whatever the rules allow the offense to do.

There’s A lot At Stake For a Defensive Coach

If you line up incorrectly it is going to cost you a ballgame and maybe your job. If you check to your “base” defense every time you get a different formation then why spend the practice time on a defense you won’t end up using?

Another thing that you rarely see on the internet are rules. Players don’t play the game with a keyboard. They play it in a three point stance with sweat running down their nose. Every defensive player better have sound and simple rules to help them do their job.

We take all of this into consideration when we design the FirstDown PlayBook varsity and youth defensive sections. We get great satisfaction when we show this to a high school or college defensive coordinator and their eyes light up.

So as you watch this short video please understand that we aren’t in a contest to have the most Twitter followers. We are in a contest, though to provide you with defensive football help so you can play sound defense.

We also want to help you spend more time on your players’ fundamentals and technique instead of time drawing defenses or scout team cards.