Different Ways To Get Home

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 8, 2018

FirstDown PlayBook talked to hundreds of young football coaches here yesterday at the AFCA convention in Charlotte. It was exciting to hear about the different ways that these guys were using our information to help them as they navigated the past football season.

Two things stood out as we talked (mostly listened). One was that as much as the coaches like the professional drawings that we provide them three times a week they almost to a man were just as excited about the coaching points and player assignments and quarterback reads that we provide them with every play.

The second thing that kept coming up time and time again is that coaches compartmentalize plays in their mind differently. For example some coaches think about football and how they game plan by formations while others think in terms of concepts. There is no right way and that is why FirstDown PlayBook not only provides you with a ton of football play content but we also provide different ways to get to it.

It was great feedback as it was reassuring that what we are trying to accomplish is working. Not only are we meeting coaches playbook needs in different ways but we are also serving a checks and balance system that helps a young coach who finds a play conceptually to go back and look at other football plays organized by formation  to tie them in as he game plans.

This is all good information as it helps us here at FirstDown PlayBook adjust to your needs so keep it up today. Make sure you get by booth 239 and visit a little bit and tell us what you like and what we can do better. See you later today!

FirstDown PlayBook is the only Digital Football PlayBook that gives you access to over thirty three thousand football plays, schemes and technique help all designed and drawn by professional football coaches! 

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