Does Venables Have One More In Him?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 2, 2020

The last two years or so have been an extraordinary journey for the Clemson Tigers football team. Winning last years championship against favorite Alabama and then marching through an undefeated 2019 campaign is truly remarkable.

Defensive coordinator Brent Venables has done a masterful job over the past two seasons of giving college quarterbacks confusing looks. When you watch the tape, it is often the case that the defense is not that complicated. However, the quarterbacks don’t have the advantage of running the video back and forth a couple of times like we do.

This blitz from the Ohio State game is a good example. Clemson plays three across the board in the back end and on the snap of the ball the middle defender runs to the deep middle. The other two safeties just buzz their feet and cover the slots.

The pressure itself is unique in that it looks like the linebacker who gets the sack is ultimately green dogging after the Ohio State back blocks the edge rush. Who covers the back if he releases? Maybe the edge rusher if he flares? Maybe it’s the green dog linebacker if he releases inside?

The again, maybe it’s just an example of a great blitz to formation where Venables knows that the back is not going to get out in this formation. Whatever the case this pressure hit home just as many others did this past Saturday night.

Now the question on everyones mind is does Venables have one more in him for this season? At this point no one in their right mind is going to doubt that he can’t cook up something special for LSU.

At the same time anyone who has watched enough college football this season knows that this will have to be his best game plan of the season if he expects to walk off the field happy in a couple of weeks.

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