Don’t Be A 7on7 One Trick Pony

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 20, 2019

We are all creatures of habit and sometimes that can be a good thing but not when it comes to how you use FirstDown PlayBook for your 7on7 football team. There are several different ways to consider finding the right football plays for any given team, weekend or season.

FirstDown PlayBook has provided different avenues to find your 7on7 plays for several reasons. First of all, we are football coaches and we understand that different coaches think about football in different ways. This coach over here, he sees formations and what they force a defense to do.

This other coach, he’s all into concepts and how many different ways he can run the same concept out of different formations and other ways to window dress the plays. Still a third coach might completely be looking at ways to beat a certain coverage.

Get the picture? This video will explain with more detail, as we take you through the areas you need to consider as you are putting the finishing touches on your winter, spring and summer 7on7 game plan. This is sure to help you not become a one trick pony that all defensive coaches can predict before the ball is snapped.


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