Don’t Fall Asleep On The Formation Templates

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 3, 2020

The first full week of August is upon us and that always means a flurry of playbook activity around here. Coaches at all levels seem to kick it up a notch when August arrives.

As you begin or continue working in FirstDown PlayBook we want to remind you about the FirstDown PlayBook formation templates. When football coaches initially start using FirstDown PlayBook there is an understandable “wow” affect about just how many plays, defenses and special teams schemes are in there.

Just remember that if you want to draw a play from scratch you can always do so using the best football playbook drawing tool out there too. You can also start with a FirstDown PlayBook formation template. This applies to varsity and youth football coaches too. Watch this short video to learn more. You will be glad you did as it is sure to save you a ton of time.

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