Don’t Forget Your 22 Personnel Boot Passes

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 13, 2022
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It may seem like a weird time of the year to talk about 22 personnel boots and waggle passes. After all most of you are lining up in spread formations and slinging it all over the field this time of the year. As we point out here from time to time, there are differences in 7on7 football and Friday nights on the fall.

Some of you will find yourselves this fall with a bigger, physical team as opposed to a fast, spread it out type team. If that were not the case there would not be as many Wing T offenses out there as there are. When you find yourself with this type of a roster and you have a quarterback who can throw it some, you are who we are talking to today.

The moment you run 22 personnel on the field it obviously smells like run right away. When the defense can match your personnel to some degree, you can bet they will. If they do not, then run your lead play and take your 5 or 6 yards and move on. If they do bring an extra linebacker or safety into the game, this play is for you.

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This 22 personnel boot pass will come in really handy when you need two yards to get a first down. You also like it to grind out a four minute victory at the end of a football game. If you are on the right part of the field and it is four down territory, this is a good play. You know you can always come back with the run on fourth down if something goes wrong.

If the play is executed properly, it becomes a shot play. An over aggressive safety or corner can leave someone uncovered on this critical situation. If they play it correctly, you still have your over route by your X tight end. Your F sneaking out in the flat is normally wide open too.

This 22 Personnel Boot Is Good For Youth Football Too

Find Many More Plays Like This 22 Personnel Boot Pass In FirstDown PlayBook.

One of the things we like about these 22 personnel boot pass plays is that they can really fit into a youth football offense. Many of you youth football coaches still run formations like the one you see here in the digram.

The pass plays that come off of these formations get your young quarterback outside of the pocket. When your young QB is heading towards the target it is a good thing. They also provide a way for your quarterback to make yardage on the ground if everything breaks down.

Find Many More Plays Like This 22 Personnel Boot Pass In FirstDown PlayBook.