Don’t Mail In Your Field Goal Block Plan

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 2, 2019

Anyone who has coached enough football knows that one of the hardest plays to get your team to put effort into is the extra point/field goal defense play. Why?  Well, there is often a let down by your defensive players after the opponent scores. Even when there is a field goal attempt it is often after a long exhausting drive and the opponent is attempting capitalize with three points.

For this reason, you hear a lot of coaches say things like “This play reveals the effort and discipline of your defense as much as any play in football”. This is not inaccurate, but the the thing that is often not talked about is the effort of the football coach who is in charge of this very same play.

That’s right. The same coach who is going to be critical of their unit for not going all out to attempt to block the extra point is often the coach who mails in the game plan for this play each week. In other words, there is no attention given to the opponent’s scheme or personnel. It’s just line up and try to “out-effort” the other team’s protection unit.

We are not endorsing making this play complicated and giving the players that much more to digest during a game week. However, we do think that if it’s a football play, then it’s worth the field goal defense coach doing his due diligence especially when points are at stake on an important play like this! Here is a video we did a few years back that talks about how FirstDown PlayBook can help you as you game plan for this play each week.


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