Don’t Try To Do Too Much

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 10, 2020

The volume of what you try to teach is a sensitive topic at every level of football. Youth football is not an exception. All position coaches are at the mercy of the head coach and coordinator to some point, when it comes to how much you decide to install.

Hopefully your situation will be one where the big picture plan matches the amount of time you have to get the fundamentals taught. If not, you may find yourself spending all of your time walking through plays so that your players will know their assignments and that is never good.

Like with a lot of things, communication is the key. The entire coaching staff should understand what plays or defenses will be practiced that day so everyone can have their unit taught before group or team period.

It is also important for a position coach to remember that if you try to teach too much, you run the risk of having your players return for the next practice remembering nothing about what they were taught. Instead, teach one or two techniques so they will have those solidly entrenched in their heads.

Below you will see the key points we have covered here on the FirstDown PlayBook Coaches Community site regarding your youth football teaching progression. Click on any one of those to read the past blogs.

  1. List your core fundamentals of your position.
  2. Design your teaching progression.
  3. Keep your practices practical.
  4. Cut back on the volume if you need to.

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