Double 64 Wrap High Low Concept

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 6, 2021

This double 64 wrap concept is perfect for baiting aggressive linebackers. Linebackers have been biting the cheese since the beginning of the passing era in football.

It does not matter how many times their coach tells them to get depth and break up on the underneath routes. They are going to get impatient a some point and jump the short route.

This is just one more way to get it done out of Empty formation. We like motioning the Y so the defense can’t get a bead on the protection. It also gives the quarterback a chance to see man vs zone coverage pre-snap. The quarterback will use the slot receiver as a quick throw to the side of pressure that makes him hot.

This play could be installed with your 11 man team as a great 3 and 10 plus call. Don’t fall asleep on this play as a good flag football concept either. All you need is at least five players to the high low to both sides. This would fit in perfectly with a 7v7 flag offense.

This play is obviously good vs zone coverage. We also like it vs man coverage. Your outside receivers have to sell the deep ball first. Once they get the corners to open their hips the receivers need to rake them past to gain inside leverage. The rest is up to the quarterback as he just needs to look off the free safety.


PLAY: Double 64 Wrap

DROP: 5 Step


H-X or F-Z


-Expect the MOF open because of Empty formation.
-QB picks a side based MLB location and on underneath leverage.
-Work one side and one side only.
-If everything is balanced throw opposite of the MLB as he drops.
-X and Z will stem inside on the release and push for vertical stretch.
-Expect the underneath defenders to bump with Y motion.
-If the curl defender gets depth throw the ball on rhythm to slot.
-If the defenders bite on the slot throw the ball behind him to the Dig.

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