Draw 4 Practice Cards At Once

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 30, 2020

You look at a piece of football technology and you think “Hey, maybe that can make our lives a little more efficient and easy as a coaching staff”. Three months later you realize that this “helpful” technology is sitting in the corner of your staff room not being used.

Why? Well there are several reasons. One of the main reasons is that the technology is not a big part of what you do every day as a football coach. Does it have a niche? Yeah, maybe but as you get into the season you have more important every day issues that are pressing.

Another reason is that the technology is just too complicated. It may provide you what you thought it would but you need an NFL IT staff to get it set up and working properly.

There is a lot of technology out there like this. Know why? Because there is a lot of technology being pushed on you by folks who never coached one single down of football in their life. Not one!

We are different here at FirstDown PlayBook. We have been doing this thing for a very long time. When we release a new feature you can bet it’s because you, the football coach, has asked for it. Check out the video below for a couple of examples.

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