Eagles Wham Play Vs Packers More Than Meets the Eye
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 8, 2019

Sometimes when folks show you a football plays or a video clip of a football play they focus only on what happens on that specific play. That can be really misleading and often times self serving for the person who is providing the analysis.

The problem is that all plays come off of another football play. All defenses are only great against certain plays. When the person sitting at their desk 24 to 48 hours after the play has been run then it’s easy to focus only on what happened and not worry about the nine other things that could have happened.

When that football is snapped the defense has to be ready to defend whatever happens, not just that one play you are looking at. When that football is snapped the offense has to be ready to block whatever front, stunt, pressure and coverage occurs, not just the one that does.

This is why when we break a football play down like the one you will see in this short video below we keep all of that in mind. The Eagles ran a good old fashioned wham play against the Packers last week several times. They most likely did it to attack the Packers’ Tite front but they also knew that the Packers were going to have to defend other plays that came off of this look. Watch this video to learn more.


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