Empower Your Assistant Coaches

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 23, 2020

Your coaching staff is most likely made up of parents and volunteers. When you consider this, the old adage of “help them help you” should come to mind. As the head coach, if you do not give them a specific assignment or job then your assistant coaches are going to be standing around watching you. You will be trying to teach everything and actually get nothing accomplished. Here are a few ways to avoid that:

A) Make your assistant coaches an expert at something. If you are coaching tackle football, designate someone to be the “tackling” coach and someone else the “shedding blocks” coach and yet another to be the “stance” coach.

B) Once you have designated who will teach what, then set up a circuit. By setting up a circuit, the players will always be moving from station to station while the coaches stay put at their area and teach their designated skill or technique. This will help you avoid having to spend all of your time setting up your drills because that assistant coach will stay with his or her individual drill.

C) You will probably want to incorporate at least one water break into your practice and when you do this, the assistant coaches can be re-organizing the field setup from offensive drills to defensive drills. Once again the players are never standing around as the coaches set up a drill.

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