What They’re Saying

Review from Dick Jauron

Dick Jauron

NFL Head Coach, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills

“Charlie’s background as an NFL Quality Control coach has served him well.  28,000 football plays is a lot of plays regardless of what league they are from.”

Coach Wade Wilson

Wade Wilson

QB Coach, Dallas Cowboys

“It’s certainly easier than digging around through a bunch of old play books looking for plays.”

Harold Goodwin Review

Harold Goodwin

Offensive Coordinator, Arizona Cardinals

“I like it as a reference tool. I can’t wait until they come out with run game and protections!”

Neighborhood Sports

Jeff Forster

Director of Neighborhood Sports

“Neighborhood Sports believes in First Down PlayBook (FDPB) for our football coaches because plays are designed by people who coached in the NFL and NCAA. Add to that the fact that FDPB technology is a great tool to help lessor experienced people gain confidence as a coach. We like the fact that FDPB simplifies the game for parents coaching our teams. Another nice feature is that it gives coaches the ability to quickly design a playbook of plays for each game that is unique to that game for the coming opponent.”

Adam Morris

Adam Morris

Wide Receivers Coach, Campbell University

“I’m a young coach and I’m always looking for ways to learn and grow. 28,000 NFL plays for the price tag attached seems like a no brainer to me.”


Cortez Hankton

Six Year NFL Wide Receiver & Vanderbilt Receivers Coach

“I played for Charlie at Texas Southern so I know a lot about him. He taught me a lot. This is a great tool for any young coach.”

George C

George Catavolos

45 Year Coaching Veteran, Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panthers, Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills

“I think it’s a great tool for secondary coaches to use showing the DB’s different passing game concepts”

Alex Van Pelt

Alex Van Pelt

Quarterbacks Coach, Green Bay Packers

“FirstDown PlayBook has a wealth of offensive ideas in an easy to use application for all levels of coaching. As an offensive coach looking for weekly game planning ideas, FirstDown PlayBook allows me to quickly and easily flip through thousands of route combinations using my tablet or smartphone. No more digging through my old play books and game plans in the basement!” Coach Van Pelt has previously served as OC for Buffalo Bills, QB Coach for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and played in the NFL as a QB for 10 years.


Robert Walker

Head Football Coach, Conroe High School, Conroe TX

“The FIRSTDOWN PLAYBOOK™ application is a “GREAT” coaching resource for pass route combinations. It allows us to have a catalog of over 5,000 pass routes right at our finger tips.”


Janis Meredith

Sports Mom and Blogger JBMTHINKS.COM

“Coaching Youth football is not as easy as it looks. If you are doing it correctly, coaching kids is more than a babysitting job. It’s a chance to teach skills, challenge growth, and help kids understand the game. How can you do all that AND design plays and strategies for a winning team? With a little help from Charlie Coiner. Take advantage of his experience and knowledge of the game to make your job easier and your experience more fun.Charlie has already done the hard work for you by designing and using thousands of plays.”

John Shoop

Offensive Coordinator at Purdue, North Carolina, Chicago Bears

“Firstdown PlayBook™ is a great way for me to stimulate thoughts when trying to scheme an opponent. Turning from play to play on my tablet or smartphone is so easy. Firstdown PlayBook™ has replaced the huge binders and reams of paper that I flipped through for the last 21 years searching for ideas. I’m pretty sure every play I have ever had in a game plan is in the Firstdown PlayBook and it has never been easier to find.”


Doug Bradley

Temecula Valley Pop Warner, Temuecula, CA

“Thanks again for listening when I contacted you about adding the ability to have a button to flip the play to the other side. This eliminates any need to draw old fashioned play cards for a youth coach. I will now have the iPad on the field with the kids and be able to show them all the plays from the formation to both sides…”


Don Kirkpatrick

Offensive Coordinator, FCS National Champs James Madison, Assistant Coach East Carolina, South Carolina, Head Coach University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

“I am all about throwing the ball. This app has a lot of good stuff on it. I like how easy it is to find the plays. I use it as a tool to stir my thoughts if I ever start to get stale.”


Art Kaufman

Defensive Coordinator University of California, North Carolina, Texas Tech, Cincinnati

“I only have one thing to say. When is the app coming out for the Defense? The Offensive coaches get all of the fun stuff!”

Quinn Gray

Quinn Gray

Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach, Florida A&M University, Former NFL QB

“As a former NFL Quarterback you think that you have seen it and done it all as it relates to offensive passing schemes. But when I downloaded the FirstDown App on my iPad I was presently surprised that I had not seen it all. This app is absolutely amazing, because as an offensive coordinator on the Div. 1 football level you are always looking for new and innovative passing concepts that will help you beat the most innovative defenses that seem to pop up every year. And the FirstDown App helps me do just that. On top off that it allows me to make my own play book and make changes to the concepts that already exist, I just love it and there’s no App out there that’s better!”


Joe Cullen

Defensive Line Coach, Baltimore Ravens, Tampa Bay Bucs, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars and Detroit Lions

“If a QB plays fast it makes the D-line coach’s job a lot harder. If a QB knows what to do then he plays faster. This app will help QB’s and offensive coaches. We need an app for the defensive side of the ball too.”

Borne 7 on 7 coach

Josh Borne

Space Coast Elite 7 on 7 Coach, VP Pylon Elite Camps, LLC

“I coach in an extremely competitive 7 on 7 league in Florida. A lot of the teams are coached by guys with NFL experience. When I take the iPad out on the field with FirstDown PlayBook on it I have NFL experience too.”


Nate Hackett

Offensive Coordinator, Jacksonville Jaguars

“The brilliance of the FirstDown PlayBook™ app is its simplicity. It has an easy-to-use interface and an ability to stimulate new strategic ideas.”


Tala Schultz

Legend League, Australia

“We here in Australia love your FirstDown PlayBook™ app. I am trying to introduce this to all of our Coaches. We are keen to use your program on our iPads for each of our Coaches.”


Bill Meilner

Flag Football Coach, Coast To Coast Flag Football League, Phoenix, Arizona Area

“I have been coaching 1-2 teams of flag football for 3 seasons per year for 4 years now. As many of you know a lot of time is put into designing plays and prepping for and during a season. With the First Down Playbook App it helps save a lot of time. The Flag plays provided are some great plays and the info provided for each play really helps coach the kids. Thanks Charlie for putting out a great product.”