Faulkner’s Five Across Is Magic!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 9, 2021

We love it when we get the chance to feature a great defensive play here on the FirstDown PlayBook All 22 Tuesday. Saturday’s game with Faulkner taking on Kentucky Christian gave us a chance to do just that.

Here’s the situation. Faulkner leads 24-22 and this play is the first play of the fourth quarter. Just like last week’s featured play between Concordia and Sienna Heights, the coaches had a chance to detail the call on the sideline.

The ball is on the KCU 20 yard line and it is third and eight. Faulkner does a very good job of disguising what they have dialed up. They are playing five across the backend. The other six players are showing an odd front with the possibility of six man pressure.

When the ball is snapped the outside DB’s squat as the other three play a middle of the field closed zone look. Faulkner ends up only bringing three rushers. However, KCU has committed to a slide/gap protection that has seven players committed to blocking.

The Eagles end up with five defenders under and three deep, while KCU only gets three receivers out. Faulkner’s corner #9 squats and reads the quarterbacks eyes. The rest was easy as he stepped under the outside slant for a critical pick late in this important NAIA matchup!

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