FDPB: Great Play! Coach Welter: Bad Fundamentals!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 31, 2017

Better late than never today! We spent this morning breaking down some of the NFL plays from this past weekend and one play in particular jumped out at us. It occurred in the third quarter of the Seahawks vs the Texans this past Sunday.  To say there were a lot of big plays in this game is like saying there was a lot of scoring in the World Series game later that same night!

The play in question came with 6:50 or so in the third quarter and the situation was second and ten. The Seahawks came to the line of scrimmage in an old fashioned Pro I formation and Houston lined up in a basic 3-4 with a reduction to the open end side. They were playing what looked like a quarters coverage behind it.

It’s when the ball was snapped that Houston got creative. Seattle ran a simple play-action pass off of the lead run play to the strong side.  Both Houston safeties where reading through the Tight End or the Tackle to their side for their run/pass key and as soon as they got the run fake they both turned outside to bracket the wide receiver to their side. There was no doubt that Houston had done their film work. Unfortunately for the Texans so had Darrell Bevell and the Seahawks.

Russell Wilson pulled the ball out of the tailback’s belly and proceeded to run play action pass to a wide open fullback Tre’ Madden right down the seam. It was a huge sixty yard gain in a game that was back and forth all day.


The interesting thing about this was that earlier today we were describing this play as we watched it with Coach Jen Welter who assisted with the Linebackers at the Arizona Cardinals a couple of years ago. We were watching the play and I was describing it as we watched. The conversation went something like this:

FDPB: Man look at this beautiful play! The Seahawks had the Texans so scouted up. It’s almost like they knew that The Texans were going to be in this funky bracket coverage that they are running.

Jen Welter: That Linebacker should have his butt kicked.

FDPB: Huh?

Jen Welter: See where that fullback enters his route from? Right through the line of scrimmage.

FDBP: Yeah. So what?

Jen Welter: Any inside linebacker knows that the linebacker, number 55 should knock the fulback on his ass as he enters the route through the line of scrimmage. That’s linebacker play 101.  That should be a dead play.

FDPB: Uhhhh. Oh yeah.

The point we are trying to make is that we were looking at the play totally from the offensive perspective and essentially from a schematic standpoint. Jen stepped right in like good coaches do and cut it right down to the bone with the fundamentals and technique flaws that allowed the play to be successful.  She was also looking at it like the linebacker coach she is.

That’s why as Jen always says “football is like chess”.  Two teams and coaches matching strategies and as this play demonstrated it definitely doesn’t hurt if your players play with sound fundamentals too!

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