Find Route Combinations Instantly

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 17, 2021

Route combinations are a big key to throwing the ball with equal personnel. It doesn’t hurt to have good to great personnel either but we digress. Today we want to spend a couple of paragraphs to show you how you can instantly find 2 and 3 man route combinations on FirstDown PlayBook. These route combinations are the core of your bigger picture passing game.

Here is how we can help you. FirstDown PlayBook has a route tree. It’s a bit different from the route tree that you may be used to. Why? After 30 years, we realized that the players look at these old fashioned route trees like “What is that?” We have taken a different approach to teaching individual routes.

The route trees are broken up into individual positions and individual routes. Our thought is that this is a better way to teach, but we take it a step further. This is where the route combinations come into play. After you understand the route trees you can begin to search for the route combinations that fit your offense.

You Can Also Save Your Own Route Templates…

It’s pretty simple actually. You want to run a post corner? Just punch in 78 into the search function. You would expect to find a post corner combination route right? Wrong. You will find multiple 78 combinations all from different formations.

Beat Bracket Red Zone Coverage

Let’s get right to it and watch this two minute video so that you can get right to finding route combinations that fit your offense. You will be creating your own playbooks in a matter of minutes.