Find That Corner & Make Him Prove He Will Tackle

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 30, 2020

Good football coaches are always looking for personnel matchups. The first thing we all think about when we think of finding a matchup vs a corner is coverage right?

True, but don’t fall asleep on another very important way to gain an advantage with this personnel matchup. Here is a fact. Normally the worst tackler on a defense is going to play corner.

Stop and think about it. You show us a defense where this isn’t true and we will show you a bad defense, period. So with this information, a good offensive coordinator is going to look for ways to make these two corners, or at least one corner tackle.

This is exactly what Nathaniel Hackett and his Green Bay offense found this past Sunday vs the Tennessee Titans. The score is 26-14, with the Packers leading. It’s a fourth and one situation in the third quarter.

Green Bay lines up in a formation that removes two defenders. The free safety knows that number 12 plays quarterback for the Packers so he is nice and deep.

This leaves seven blockers for eight defenders right? So who is going to block the eighth dude? That’s why coaching is important too. Take a look right here to watch this game sealing touchdown by the Packers.

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