FirstDown PlayBook™ Youth – How to View Play Content Before Buying

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 14, 2012

How time flies! It was just 3 months ago that we launched FirstDown PlayBook™ Youth.

Product Description:

FirstDown PlayBook™ Youth is a Web based application that is accessible via multiple platforms and internet browsers – PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc. This is a complete playbook application with Runs, Passes, Blocking Assignments, multiple Defensive views per run play, and the ability to Print both a Coaches Playbook and Player wristband sheets in various formats.

Since this coaching tool is digitized football plays in formation packs available for sale – currently just $15.99 per pack – we are asked at times how to review the play content BEFORE making a purchase. Although we currently do not have a “trial” option, we do make available the ability to view the quality of our play content via a PDF Playbook product through our co-branding partnership with Wilson® Sporting Goods. The product can easily be downloaded for FREEClick Here.

In doing so, you’ll have access to 15 professionally designed youth football plays. Broken up into the form of 5 different offensive formations, this playbook comes complete with color-coded runs and passes. Each run play is viewed against a pre-defined defensive front with specific blocking assignments and pass plays that assume “gap protection”. Also, easily print a coach’s playbook and player wrist sheets, on the Wilson 5” Wrist Coach, in various layout forms.

An additional option is to contact us directly and request an online presentation of the app. Generally, this takes about 15 minutes. Basically, we want our end user customers to be completely satisfied with the product and comfortable that their investment is a safe and rewarding one. Our ultimate goal is that coaches – new and seasoned – save TIME, and therefore focus more on player development. We welcome, and even encourage, feedback from coaches. Click Here to contact us online.

Finally, be sure to check out additional resources from our other Youth app affiliates.

We’re thankful for their early support. These folks have been in the football business a long time and can likely provide you with products and services that help your team win more games and develop young athletes!