FirstDown PlayBook 2 Man Coverage

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 27, 2020

We have talked about this before here on the FirstDown PlayBook Coaches Community site. Every now and then we get a question about 2 man coverage and where to find it on the website.

As we mention in this video, it is not a great coverage to play vs a mobile quarterback. You are just so fragile to the quarterback run or scramble. All of your underneath defenders are locked up in man coverage. You have a chance of everyone having their back to eh quarterback as he is running down the field.

There are times, however when we think it is one of the best pass defenses you can play. The rules are very simple and 2 man coverage can be played with any front. Take a look at today’s video as we take you through how we would play it.

We also show you were you can find it in FirstDown PlayBook. This includes the Varsity version of it as well as the 2 deep youth football version. The youth football version allows you to play it and not open yourself up to the quarterback run so much.

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