FirstDown PlayBook 9 Man Football Section Coming Soon

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 27, 2021

As we head into the Fourth of July holiday week we know that many of you have plans to enjoy time with family and friends. We are probably going to get some of that done here at FirstDown PlayBook as well.

However, that does not mean that we are not chipping away at some very important projects for the fall football season. One such project is our addition of a 9 man football section to FirstDown PlayBook.

Our 9 man coaches will now have the ability to start with pre-drawn offensive, defensive and special teams plays as they build their own playbook.

The FirstDown PlayBook 6 man football and 8 man football coaches will be the first to tell you how much time this is going to save you. We are looking at an early August launch date on this section.

As we mentioned here earlier we are also going to release a 12 man football section. You can read about that right here if that is your style of play.

So enjoy your holidays and recharge your battery from this past year which has been interesting to say the least. When you come back you can rest assured that your 9 man football section will sitting there waiting for you!

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