FirstDown PlayBook: Celebrating 10 Years & Counting

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 17, 2021

FirstDown PlayBook is celebrating 10 years of helping football coaches! Today marks ten years since we began with a simple idea that would end up growing into the football coaching resource you know today.

We had a gut feeling that there was some real stay power with this idea. After all, there was never a place where coaches at all levels could visit to find proven football playbook content provided by NFL coaches. We remember saying that when we were interviewed by Entrepreneur magazine in the early days.

The question of “who is your target audience?” was asked more than a few times over the past decade. Are you serving pro coaches? college coaches? high school or youth coaches? flag football coaches? The answer was always a solid “yes”.

We were told that this was not a good answer. It was suggested that we needed to narrow our target audience. Thankfully we have stayed true to our original mission statement to serve all coaches. Small but powerful pieces of this are all through our history. Our partnership with Wilson Football back in 2012 to bring you free youth football plays is just one example.

10 Years Of FirstDown PlayBook Is All About You

The stay power says something in a world where so many products and businesses come and go. We attribute most of this to you, the coaches. One huge advantage for FirstDown PlayBook is that we know you because we ARE you. That has served us well.

So as many a good football coach has said, “If you are focusing on what you did yesterday, that means you ain’t getting much done today”. We need to get back to work but thank you for allowing us to say thanks for the past ten years.

Stay tuned. As we are celebrating 10 years and counting, it’s the “counting” part we are most excited about. FirstDown PlayBook has big plans for the next 10 years too.