FirstDown PlayBook Drawings Look Different

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 23, 2021

I won’t name names with this (unless you call me and press me on it) but a leader in our industry had an interesting comment this past year. He said something like “Ya’ll do a lot of good things but at the heart of why I like it is just how the FirstDown PlayBook drawings look different. They are more professional and appeasing to look at.”

Of course this was good to hear and we try to feature that as much was we can. However, even we get off of the core basics that we should be talking to you about sometimes. FirstDown PlayBook plays drawings look different and yes they are more professional than anything else out there.

I know this because I drew plays for nine years at the highest level of football. A place where you get your butt ripped by coaches (and players) if there is a mistake on a play drawing. The quality of the play drawing matters. There are times when I cringe as I see drawings that coaches expect a young player to learn from in the year 2021. These same coaches turn back around and demand detail from their players. It does not add up and the players know it.

Before anyone even begins to go down the path about how hard or expensive technology is, just stop. FirstDown PlayBook was and is built to address precisely those two things. We did not just factor in the importance of helping you create professional playbooks. We also created a football playbook drawing tool that is easy to use and very affordable.

FirstDown PlayBook Drawings Are Designed To Reinforce Your Message of “Detail”

Coaches who have slowed down enough to look at the time they spend during the year drawing playbook installations understand the value. The value of allowing their assistants to work efficiently with their time. This allows their assistants to go home and actually see their families during the fall months. Any good high school head coach understands the importance this has with retaining coaches.

The FirstDown PlayBook Help Guides Teach You Step By Step

So do yourself a favor. Watch this video. This is the time of year to do it. You don’t have the next game breathing down your neck. You can get an idea of how FirstDown PlayBook can help you and your staff. We offer all high school and college coaches a 3 day free trial . If you are not a high school or college coach, don’t fret. We have you covered with a free trial too, at the bottom of this page!