FirstDown PlayBook Kickoff Return Clinic Available This Week Only

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 7, 2021

The FirstDown PlayBook special teams clinics were a big hit last season. In spite of the pandemic shortened, moved or canceled seasons, we had a lot of great feedback on these clinics.

They were offered at no cost last year if you attended on zoom. We had 100 or so coaches each of the six weeks we offered them. We then made then available on the FirstDown PlayBook website only.

Here’s some good news for you special teams coaches out there who are looking to get a little better in the months of May and June. We are going to make these clinics available, one at a time, for one week periods throughout these two months.

We will only release them one at a time for a one week period so keep your head on a swivel as we will be announcing them on social media as well as other outlets.

Let’s start the whole thing off with the Kickoff Return clinic. We hope you find some information in here that will help you during your 2021 football season!

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