FirstDown PlayBook Linemen View

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 20, 2022

The FirstDown PlayBook Linemen View is tailor made for the coaches who are in charge of the most detailed play drawings on your staff. However, there is more to it than that, so much more. At the heart of this new FirstDown PlayBook feature is that we all want to coach the way we want to coach. That includes the football play drawings we use.

The FirstDown PlayBook Linemen View allows a coach to have complete control of these three things:

Linemen View Allows You To Zoom In & Out When You Print Your Play

At the end of the day, we are all responsible for “our players’. The FirstDown PlayBook Linemen View allows you to zoom in or out as much as you need to for your position group. If you are coaching the offensive line you can take a full field drawing and customize it for your players.

9 Man & 12 Man Football? Heck Yeah!

You just make a duplicate of the play and use your Linemen View to zoom in on your players. Now you are drawing down blocks, pulls, and defensive line stunts with the precision and detail that you demand. Here is the best part. At the end of the process, you can save that play drawing for your playbook installs and PlayGrids.

You Choose Exactly Where On The Field You Want To Place Your Play

You have always had the ability to choose a midfield, a red zone and a coming out field. The FirstDown PlayBook Linemen View now allows you to easily move your players exactly where you want on the field. If your play is designed to be run on the hash you may not need to see a sideline to sideline view of that play. We have given you the ability to tailor the view to fit your needs. You can now focus on your players as you teach.

How Do You Teach Line Splits & Levels?

Now you will move that play drawing to the correct hash and field position. Just adjust your zoom level to capture what you need to coach that play or defense. This is where you will see the real hidden advantage. You can use the same play diagram in several different ways. Your coordinator may want to teach off of the full field view. The other assistant coaches can adjust and zoom the diagram to teach their position.

Your Players & Field Landmarks Are Exact – Allowing Detailed Coaching

If you have coached the passing game at a high level you know that route detail is critical. If you are going to ask your quarterback to take a 5 step drop and let the ball go, then you better have the receiver exactly when and where the ball is going. You can now create drawings on FirstDown PlayBook with the exact player to field proportions.

If your receiver is supposed to align on the inside edge of the number you can show it perfectly on a drawing. No more typing in this information on the drawing unless you want to. After you draw your plays up on an exact field, you can now zoom in to a level that allows you to teach your pass game concept. As you can see, we have named this Linemen View after and for the big guys. That only partially describes it.