FirstDown PlayBook Monday Morning Quarterback
By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 17, 2020

Can you coach football? It’s pretty honest question. After all, most folks out there are pretty certain that they can. Here at FirstDown PlayBook we thought we would check into it. We are introducing a new segment here on the Coaches Community site we are calling the FirstDown PlayBook Monday Morning Quarterback.

Every Monday during the off season we will provide a football play diagram with some of the blocking missing. Your job (if you choose) is to block the rest of the play up. Nothing public or anything like that. Just block it up at your desk or your recliner.

We aren’t looking to show anyone up or to get in any heated arguments about how to best block a play or defend one. Just consider it a crossword puzzle or brain teaser of sorts to get your football juices running each week.

Let’s start with this unbalanced power play. This is the sort of play you might run in a short yardage situation. We have adjusted the defense to the unbalanced formation because odds are the defense would.

Now it’s your turn. How would you block it? Block it up and then check back here on this same blog this Wednesday. On Wednesday morning we will add the same play with the blocking scheme included!

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