FirstDown PlayBook October Discount!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 30, 2021

Whoa! We are already 75% through the 2021 calendar year. Don’t blink or we will be into 2022 when your eyes open. Here at FirstDown PlayBook we love the month of October. It’s a month where almost everyone is playing football. We want to acknowledge that by offering you this October discount on all FirstDown PlayBook memberships.

This October discount may help some of you finish out the 2021 fall football season. It also is a great chance for some of you 7on7 coaches out there. You can get a head start on your season. Finally, we have learned over the past several years that flag football is played pretty much 12 months out of the year these days.

Even with the October discount, FirstDown PlayBook understands that if you are new to us, you will want to take a free look at what we do. No worries. We have you covered with a free trial that will allow you to use our state of the art drawing tool.

You can also take a quick peek at the thousands of football plays from all levels. Regardless of if you coach or play tackle football, flag football or some modified version, FirstDown PlayBook has you covered. Oh yeah, your football plays and playbooks are yours and always yours.

FirstDown PlayBook Never Erases Your Work

FirstDown PlayBook never erases anything in your football playbook. So if you want to let your membership expire for a little while as you coach basketball and baseball don’t worry. When you come back all of your work will be right where you left it.

So good luck with your games this weekend as we storm into the month of October tomorrow. We hope your season is going well and that this FirstDown PlayBook October discount finds you at just the right time!

FirstDown PlayBook is the only Digital Football PlayBook that gives you access to over thirty five thousand football plays, schemes and technique help. All plays are designed by coaches and players with NFL experience. FirstDown PlayBook is also the Official Playbook of NAIA Football and NAIA Women’s Flag Football.