FirstDown PlayBook Repost: Fired Again…

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 14, 2020

Every now and then we go back and repost a timely (or timeless) article on the Coaches Community website. I ran across this one today and thought about all of the coaches I am seeing losing their jobs as of late.

It really has not changed one bit. People will say that coaches should be fired because they make a lot of money these days. Maybe, but there are a lot of them who do not make that much money. The ones that do, work for it. I will promise you that.

Anyway, just a coaches perspective at the time of year when the media loves the material to write about and the fans think the “next” guy will be their savior. (Hint: Get a quarterback).

I wrote this on the way out of Knoxville in 2012 and I have not coached a day of ball since. I am more than okay with that. I am reposting this today with the hopes that if you are a fan or the media you will pause before you say or write something about something you don’t understand.

By: Charlie Coiner

Fired again.   Not a lot of fun.   I cleaned my office out this morning at 4:00 (yes, that would be AM). Why? Because that’s just how I do it.

I’m not sure why, but I think it’s because I don’t want to box my stuff up in front of people. I’m proud.  I’m proud of the work I do and it’s no different this time.  Unfortunately, the work just wasn’t good enough.

No excuses.  We didn’t get it done.  As tough as it is, though, I’m lucky.  I’m single.  My buddies?  Not so much.  They have confused wives and crying children to face.

This next move will be the fifth place I have lived in five years (three of those moves were on my own volition for you who are thinking, “Wow is he bad!”.  It’s always an interesting time for coaches, a lot of calls, a lot of web surfing, a lot of decisions to be made.

For example, a coach has a 15-year old daughter and she will be going into high school next year.  Should he take that job and move her? Can he guarantee her that this will be the final move until she graduates?

If not, more than likely this coach will move on to take a job in another city while his wife and daughter stay behind so that she can finish her high school education in the same town in which she started it. Not a great recipe for bonding with your kids.

I owe most of my life experiences to football.  In fact, my company, FirstDown PlayBook would not exist today without it.  I may have never left my hometown of Staunton Virginia if not for football.  I have no complaints. I have seen the country on the back of this great game that I get to coach.

I am grateful for these experiences, and more importantly for the people I have met and the relationships it has afforded me.  A lot of these people are coaches and most of them work their butts off.  I would not trade it or them for anything and that is a good thing because I’m about to live in another part of the country…again.  

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