FirstDown PlayBook RPO Help Will Grow Too!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 6, 2021

One of the hidden benefits of the new FirstDown PlayBook is the fact that we can now bring you more content on a weekly basis. No section of FirstDown PlayBook will benefit more than your Run Pass Option section. The FirstDown PlayBook RPO section is about to explode.

No excuses but it was always hard for us to figure out how to categorize the RPO’s so that you could easily find them. We are glad to report that this problem has been solved and then some.

Your FirstDown PlayBook RPO section will be found in the same are as the runs and passes. Once you choose the Run Pass Option tab, you will then choose any or all of the following categories:

1 Run Type

2 Backfield Type

3 Formation Type

At this point you will be looking at your favorite RPO’s drawn up against multiple defensive fronts. We will also draw these up with the middle of the field open or closed. Starting to get the picture? You will find the RPO you are looking for about any way you choose.

Now let’s be clear, your ability to find your playbook help is not limited to the RPO section by any means. We could say the same thing about any of your FirstDown PlayBook sections.

So please allow us to step out of the way here as you watch this short video. After that you will want to get started. Because one month from now we will all be smack dab in the middle of training camp and that is a very welcome overdue thing.

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