FirstDown PlayBook Spread Beaters Changeups

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 22, 2020

When offenses spread you out across the field it can mean a couple of things. It could be setting you up for a passing game fest.

It could also mean that you are getting spread out so that gifted quarterback and running back can use their legs to attack you.

Either way you need to be ready. The first thing on any defensive coordinator’s list is to get lined up to any and all formations that they throw at you. After that you can get a little creative if your defense can handle it.

Several years ago we sat down with a couple of SEC defensive coordinators and picked their brains about how they defended the spread offense. From those meetings the FirstDown PlayBook “Spread Beaters” section was born.

The “Spread Beaters” section not only gives you three personnel driven approaches to stopping the spread but plenty of change ups off of each one.

The beautiful thing about this section is that you can go in and edit and adapt all of these to your defensive approach to stopping the spread! Here’s a sample below…

Call Side End:

Alignment: 4 Technique.

Key: Guard.

Run: If Guard Blocks You, Cross His Face. If Guard Blocks Nose, Come Off His Butt.

Pass: Stunt Into A Gap.

Away Side End:

Alignment: 5 Technique.

Key: Tackle To RB.

Run: C Gap.

Pass: Drop Into Coverage & Play Hook #3. Pass Key Is #3. Can Help With Near Receiver or Crossing Routes.


Alignment: 3 Technique.

Key: Tackle.

Run: If Tackle Blocks You, Cross His Face. If Tackle Blocks End, Come Off His Butt.

Pass: Outside Stunt To Contain Rush.


Alignment: Shade 1 Technique.

Key: Center.

Run: If Center Blocks You, Cross His Face. If Center Blocks Tackle Or Goes Up to 2nd Level, Come Off His Butt.

Pass: Cross The Face Of The Center Into Opposite A Gap For Pass Rush.

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