FirstDown PlayBook Tight Red Zone Plays
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 15, 2018

There is probably not a more pressured up situation in a football game than when the offense elects to go for two to win the game as opposed to kicking the extra point to tie the game up. Right off the get go the head coach is making a philosophical decision that often times takes all three phases, offense, defense and the kicking game into consideration.

We have been a part of a football game on more than one occasion when, over the head set, we have heard the head coach ask the offensive coordinator “How do you feel about your two point play?”. “Have you already run it in this game? Have you already showed it to the opponent?”

At times it is almost as if the situation is so critical that over history we have created a need to have a specific play that is just for this situation. Here at FirstDown PlayBook we have often wondered why coordinators don’t open their red zone playbook up a little more and pull from that as opposed to being so set on this one “magic pill” play. In fact we did a USA Football Coach & Coordinator podcast on this not too long ago with former NFL and BCS head coach Steve Fairchild.

This is all coming up again because we have been updating and installing in the FirstDown PlayBook red zone section this week. Today’s short video talks about how we organize that section for an offensive coordinator and we also break down one of our tight red zone plays that could certainly be used in a two point situation.

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