FirstDown PlayBook Trick Plays & Fakes

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 12, 2019

Every football staff we were ever on assigned one coach to be in charge of collecting any good trick plays or special teams fakes that showed up on tape that season. The reason was so that when you were looking for something to spice your offense or kicking game up a little you had them all in one area.

FirstDown PlayBook has taken the same approach for our member coaches. What we have done is to begin putting all of the trick plays and special teams fakes in one area so you can easily find them. These sections are like everything else in FirstDown PlayBook, meaning they are always growing.

As each season plays out we will continue adding them for you. Yes, of course you can edit these plays just like all of the others in FirstDown PlayBook to fit your system. So take a quick look at this short video that explains how you can find this helpful FirstDown PlayBook section!

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