Welcome The Scouting Academy & Teach Tape Thursday!
By Will Cinelli on Apr 2, 2020

Please join us here at FirstDown PlayBook as we welcome The Scouting Academy and Teach Tape Thursday. We have followed this group headed up by former NFL scout and personnel expert Dan Hatman for several years now. We have always been impressed by what they do and we think you will be too.

Let’s get started with our first “Teach Tape Thursday” as The Scouting Academy staffer Will Cinelli breaks down the Atlanta Falcons (now Titans) defensive lineman Vic Beasley and this E-T twist.

Whenever you are looking to vary up your pass rush looks, the twist game is a simple but effective way to generate pressure.

Here we have a great example of the E-T twist game. Vic Beasley fires off the ball and collisions the RG. The key here is that he has such incredible get-off and gets to the RG before he has any idea what is happening and knocks him down. Kudos also to the DT, who does a good job of simulating a pass rush move and not giving his intentions away to the RG.

Because of this, the RT has to stay with Beasley and cannot pass him off. This allows the DT, as the looper, to get a free run at the QB. It is important to note as well that the looper stayed nice and tight to Beasley and the RT as he came around so that he did not give the QB time to set up or get rid of the ball.

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