Flag Football Mesh & Rub Plays
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 23, 2019

We saw it again this past weekend. More and more college offenses are leaning on mesh and rub pass plays to free up receivers. Why is this showing up so much this season? It’s hard to say exactly and it’s not like this is a new concept in the pass game either.

However, as more and more defenses are closing the middle of the field and lining up in man coverage to defend the RPO offenses, this could have something to do with it. These mesh or rub pass plays are very good vs man coverage. You are also seeing some of the offenses put in a mesh stop to have an answer for a zone defense too but that’s for another day.

Today we want to just point out that as these mesh and rub plays are showing up so much in college football because of man coverage then you flag football players and coaches should take notice. Man coverage is often the defense of choice in flag football. So if you are getting a high dose of man to man you will want to watch this short video.

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