Flag FootBall PlayGrids Too!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 19, 2020

One of our flag football coaches called us up the other day and asked “Will the flag football coaches have access to the FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrid function too?” The answer of course, was a resounding “Yes”.

If you are a FirstDown PlayBook flag football coach you can do everything that a tackle football coach can do on FirstDown PlayBook.

So just what does that include? Well let’s list some of the things you get with a FirstDown PlayBook flag football membership.

  1. Access to thousands of flag plays drawn by professional coaches.
  2. Coaching points & player assignments with every play.
  3. The ability to edit these plays with our premier playbook technology.
  4. Create your own PlayBooks.
  5. Create your own wristband sheets.
  6. Create your PlayGrids for your playbook installs.

So as you can see, a flag football coach gets all of the same access as a tackle coach does. Watch this short one minute video so you can get busy using your latest FirstDown Playbook flag football tool!

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